Ann Prepare Lavni, INC.

Let us prepare the future: Creating a strong, healthy and independent Hatian nation, one student at a time!

What is APL up to?

At Ann Prepare Lavni we believe that it is important to help as many people as we possibly can. One of the ways we can achieve that is by  partnering up with other projects that benefit the community and the nation. 

Take a moment to explore the different projects APL partners with, learn more about their work, and support them as well.

Remember: our goal is to create a strong, healthy, and independent Haitian nation, on student at a time!

Blum Center, UC Davis

The Blum Center for Developing Economies addresses the needs of poor communities in developing countries. They prepare students with the theoretical understanding, applied skills, and experiential learning. Their courses and grants programs enable students to become agents of change in the war against world poverty.

Through a trans-disciplinary approach, the Blum Center invests in the development of new technologies with high potential for the developing world.

Science and technology have been making it possible for creative students to develop scalable and sustainable solutions. As a result, they are proud to see how some of their students’ social projects have become a major breakthrough in international development.

The Blum Center is doing their part to improve the life conditions of the people in need. You can also make a difference for the world to become a more equal place.

Lighthouse Foundation

Founded by Rafael Perez Yan, Fundacion Casa de Luz de la Frontera (Lighthouse Foundation of the Border) is a nonprofit institution committed to the welfare of communities and to the sustainable development of frontiers on the spiritual, educational, social and cultural spheres. This foundation creates international exchanges that strengthen bilateral relations and reduce conflicts between borders.

This organization focuses its work on the areas of Education, Culture, Natural Resources and Agriculture, Income Generation, Infrastructure, and Social Development.

One of the main benefits FCLF will provide is a sewing project that will generate jobs and bring the community closer. 

Project Rive

This organization was founded by Sora Edwards-Thro. “Rive" translates to “arrive, reach, or happen.” Their goal is to put the tools Haitian kids need to learn within their reach, enabling them to arrive at a level where they’ll be well-equipped to make things happen.
The first, most visible piece of the project is the technology, consisting of 10 XO laptops, received through the Unleash Kids Contributor’s Program and the solar panels that charge them. The second, more important part is the local people they work with: the teachers they train and the students those inspire. Project Rive's ultimate goal is to be a community computer center – with community coming first. 

Future Projects

APL is looking forward to partnering with other organizations which seek to bring support to the Haitian community. Next summer we will be working together with Project Twenty Five

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